Mass Participation Running


Mass Participation Running Features

Fully customized registration form

Our registration forms are fully customized to cater for all the options and to match the event’s brand identity. The form can be embedded in the event website, athletes can access, review and edit their data through the change link feature.

Branded email templates for each stage of the event

We set up the automatic email confirmation with custom HTML and CSS to integrate the event colours, fonts, logos, and sponsor logos. We can set up further email templates to communicate with participants before and after the event (newsletters, finisher emails, participant surveys, etc.)

Reporting tools on registration numbers and options booked

The built-in reporting tools in RACE RESULT 12 allow to keep track of registration numbers and compare them with previous editions. We also set up custom reports to easily access data for each of the options.

Efficient layout process for all printed products

We design your high quality Tyvek bibs based on your requirements. The proof interface of RACE RESULT gives you access to a full preview and to check each of the bibs.

User-friendly and responsive online results

Our online results are built for the users to easily access the information they are looking for, on any device. The platform is stacked with useful features, such as displaying an athlete’s splits and estimated times, mark and filter favourites, or download a finisher certificate.

GPS tracking

We can deploy active Track Boxes or traditional GPS trackers on the lead and sweep vehicles to track them live during the race, which is very useful for course management purposes. The Racemap platform can also be used to provide predictive tracking visualisation for all athletes based on their timing splits.

Ability to feed RTRT

RTRT is one of the leading Event Apps providers worldwide, used at many mass participation running and triathlon events. We are able to integrate with the application and feed it with participants and timing data.

Mass Participation Running Technologies

Passive system with disposable tags stuck to the bib

For mass participation events, disposable tags are the best solution, for an easy handling. The high quality Tyvek bibs come with the transponders already attached, ready to hand out. The RACE RESULT passive system allows to build timing lines up to 16 m wide. The foldable passive mats make for a quick and easy set up, and a neat look.
... for online registration and payment processing

We can offer online registration through the platform, which is fully integrated in our timing and scoring software. The platform offers payment processing through RACE RESULT AG (for events in Europe only), or through Stripe or another supported local service provider.

FDS smart displays at timing locations and on lead cars

Our remote controlled FDS smart displays are perfect for hanging under the finish arch. The colour can be adapted to best match the event colours. The displays can also be mounted on the lead cars using strong suction cups. Fitted with a battery and operated with a tablet, this display set up is completely cable-free.

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