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Event template for motocross enduro

Motocross enduro is a very challenging race format to score, with mandatory checkpoints to be crossed at specific times added to the complexity of stage racing. We have built a template for this in RACE RESULT 12, with check point times being recalculated as the race goes and penalties are applied.

Course monitoring

In motorsports, detecting crashes quickly is key to neutralise the race and prevent more accidents from happening. We build specific course monitoring reports and use Racemap with either GPS trackers or predictive tracking to give event organisers a real time overview of where all the participants are.

Series registration and scoring

Motor sports are often organised in local series and championships. We can set up the online registration specifically for series, calculate the points scored on each stage and score the series.

Motor Sports Technologies

Active system the most obvious option

Most motorsport events are timed with active transponders. On circuits, the loop is usually built into the asphalt. For motocross enduro and races on water, an overhead loop is the best option, provided it can be placed at a safe height.

Passive also a valid option

The RACE RESULT passive system offers a valid alternative, either with a passive ground antenna, or high gain side antennas.

Track Boxes for splits on course

Whether passive or active, the Track Boxes are the perfect solution to multiply splits on course with an easy set up.

Capturing impulses for multiple starts and time trials

Photocells are deployed at the start and finish of time trial format races. For events with multiple starts, impulses are collected from the traffic lights or start barriers.

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