Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking Features

Specific results formats

Each race format requires a specific presentation of results, with the right rounding, time format, etc. We set up the online and printed results to best fit the scoring logic.

Live results on an LED screen on the finish line

High profile XCO events often have an LED screen on the finish arch. We can design live results to be displayed on it with race time, laps to go, and the names of the last athletes across the line.

Course dashboard

For cross-country marathon races, we set up a course dashboard to monitor in real-time how many participants have passed each timing location or are still expected there.

Seeding according to scoring logic

Seeding is common in mountain biking, to avoid bottlenecks on narrow trails and overtaking in downhill. We can flexibly assign start blocks and start times based on any scoring criteria.

GPS tracking

Safety is key in mountain biking; it is important to be able to quickly locate any rider that may have had a bad crash. You can equip all participants and the race crew with a GPS tracker fitted with an SOS button, and track them live in the Racemap platform.

Compatible with Event Apps

We are able to feed participants data and results to Event Apps, and to trigger push notifications with each timing location crossed.

Mountain Biking Technologies

Passive system for most use cases

The passive system is suitable for most MTB events, including downhill and enduro, using disposable tags stuck at the back of the number plates on the handlebars. At the start and finish, the ground antenna can be nailed to the ground to prevent it from moving. The passive Track Box works wonders on intermediate timing points.

Active system for high profile events

The active system is the preferred solution for higher profile events, or for races with a large number of splits in remote locations. Active loops can be attached to a rubber mat, or buried into the ground. Track Boxes can be easily deployed by volunteers, even a day in advance.

Impulse devices for downhill and time trials

Photocells are required at the start and finish of downhill and other time trial format races to ensure the highest precision. Impulses can be automatically matched with chip reads in the RACE RESULT 12 software for easy scoring.

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