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Road Cycling Features

UCI compliant scoring

We have been involved in international UCI stage races for years. Our event file templates comply with all the current UCI regulations and are updated regularly. The files also include all the reports needed to import results into Dataride.

Branded results

Because each race is unique, we edit the colours and logos to match the branding guidelines of the event and integrate the event and classification sponsors in the results books.

Automated emails and SMS

We can send SMS and emails to the team managers, event officials and the press at the end of each stage, and after each KOM or Sprint.

Fully documented timing API

Most elite cycling races have a live TV broadcast. We have implemented and documented a full timing API for an easy integration with TV graphics, or for a custom display of results on the event website.

Embedded results

Developing a custom results interface involves a lot of resources. For an easy and sleek integration of results into the event website, simply use our embed via JavaScript.

Multilingual results

Our UCI stage race event file can be used to produce results in 4 languages to date: English, French, German and Italian. We can of course implement more languages if necessary.

Road Cycling Technologies

Active system and photo-finish for Elite events

Precision is key on elite cycling races. The final scoring is done with a photo-finish camera, we import the data in real-time using the RaceResultExchange tool. To support the photo-finish camera and provide live results from splits or on a lap course, we use active transponders mounted at the fork.

Passive for mass participation events

On sportives and gran fondos, the passive system is the best solution. We use disposable passive tags stuck to a saddle-bar sticker. The passive Track Box works wonders at splits on narrow roads with a low density of participants. For large-scale events, prefer a decoder with high gain antennas.

Impulse devices for time trials

On time trial events, we deploy photo-cells or tape-switches at the start and finish, for optimum precision. We match impulses with chip reads automatically in the RACE RESULT 12 software, for easy identification of the riders.

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