Triathlon Features

Live Leaderboard

Positions change a lot during triathlon events. Keep the public informed and give the speaker material to comment on during the race with our live results and leaderboard. You can display participants grouped by the location of their last detection, or select any given split to see the interim results at that point.

Live Teams Scoring

Most national circuits like the Grand Prix FFTri (France) or the Triathlon Bundesliga (Germany) apply a team logic to the scoring. With our teams live, no need to wait until the finish to know who is leading the team classification, team scores are calculated after every split, displaying live team standings during the whole race.

Branded finisher certificate

As the saying goes, if it is not on Instagram, it did not happen. Give the participants an opportunity to share their performance while promoting the event sponsors with a branded finisher certificate.

On-site dynamic chip assignment

At mass participation events, we assign the chips dynamically on-site. This eliminates the need to pre-assign and label transponders and reduces the quantity of transponders needed for an event. As we only assign transponders to athletes who show up on the day, we also lose less transponders this way.

Ability to feed the World Triathlon API and the Ironman Tracker App

At international level (World Triathlon Cup and World Triathlon Championship Series), timers are required to feed the World Triathlon live timing platform. We have implemented this API and are able to send data from RACE RESULT 12 to World Triathlon through the RaceResultExchange tool. We can also feed the Ironman Tracker App with live timing data.


Triathlon Technologies

Active system preferred

We prefer to use the active system, with an ActivePro transponder on a Velcro strap on the ankle. The Loop Boxes and Track Boxes make for a super easy set up and allow to multiply splits along the course.

Passive also a valid option

The passive system is also a valid alternative, using either HuTags or disposable triathlon transponders.

LED display with athlete information

An FDS display showing the athletes’ name and running time when they hit the spotter, and their finish time when they cross the finish line, is a nice addition, especially for events with a rolling start.

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